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Summer Style: Flattering Swimsuits to Inspire and More!

It’s time to say goodbye to June Gloom and hello to summer sunshine. The sun is coming in hot, and we all know what comes along with it — beach days and swimwear! Whether you’re sticking around in the SoCal sunshine or planning trips to other sunny summer spots, weekends and holidays should be spent soaking up the sun at the beach or by the pool. As foyellow bikinir the ultimate summer necessity, be sure to make a little time to shop for the perfect swimsuit.

Don’t be afraid to show some skin and bring style to the sand with confidence. Swimwear has come a long way over the years — and it’s a beautiful thing. Finding what complements your shape and style has never been easier. It’s not a bad problem to have when the toughest part is choosing from a number of trending styles! To help get you started, here are a few that are killing the swimsuit game so far in 2016:

High-waisted Two Piece

We’re excited to share that this retro-style is coming on the scene faster than ever, ladies. Right alongside your high-waisted pants and shorts, the high-wasted bikini has returned by popular demand. Whether it’s cut out with strappy sides, shaped with sheer mesh, or solid and bold, the look itself has a variety of styles that can flatter any body type. If you think the high-waisted look is just not your thing, think again and you may find something that works for you!

Mix and Matchbright dummer bikini

While most assume this refers to different suits that complement each other in colors and patterns, the mix and match style is now catering to size and shape as well. When it comes to mixing and matching by color and pattern, you essentially have the power to turn two bathing suits into four — and who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that? For those of us who require a different size bottom versus top, saving money is where it’s at. Retailers have come to realize the necessity of selling bathing suit pieces separately, hallelujah! Some shops even specifically target those who need to mix their sizes. For example, take a look at this small boutique here on Cedros Ave. that has a variety of swimsuits, Strawberry Intimates. So whether you’re aiming to rock different suits in multiple configurations or looking to accommodate and support your particular body type, the mix and match style is a great 2016 trend for inspiration.

One-Piece Wonders
To go along with our theme, the one-piece is another look that presents a number of style varieties ranging from slitted and sexy to simplistic and chic. It’s a timeless and classy style that won’t be leaving us anytime soon. You may be looking for either flirty spice or for elegant coverage, but don’t hesitate to give both a try. You never know what may surprisingly show you off best! While browsing the numerous styles, one-piece shoppers will come across ‘Baywatch’ high hipbone cuts, extremely low backs, and cut-out sides — all made from many different materials. It’s looking like the latest   monokini versions (which might as well be a two-piece type of one-piece) are especially becoming a favorite 2016 summer choice.

Complementary Essentials

Summer Vaughn Swimwear Solana Beach StoreNow that we’ve shared some of the hottest summer swimwear trends of 2016, it is only fair to send you in the right direction for additional sunshine accessories. Summer Vaughn Swimwear also has a great selection of other summer essentials that are worth checking out (hats, sandals, cover-ups and more). While you’re at it, cruise on into Cedros Soles for more must-have fashionista summer finds that will add to your personal style!

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