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Retail Therapy: Time to Do a Little Shopping…For You!

"I like to start my Christmas shopping the day after Christmas" meme

The holidays may be coming to a close but the shopping bug still continues in many of us, somehow. Our browsing gaze shifts from gift giving mode to focusing on things we may need or want for ourselves — perhaps because we’ve gotten some gift cards or certificates to our favorite store, or maybe we just want to take advantage of all the enticing after Christmas deals. Whatever your motivation, indulging in some post holiday retail therapy can provide a much needed release just before the new year hits and we settle back into our usual life patterns. Here are 3 reasons to surrender to the post holiday shopping bug and just enjoy yourself:

Shopping Can (And Should Be) Fun!

Let’s just cut to the chase with our first point and say that shopping for things your little heart desires can be pretty darn fun. It’s a different experience than shopping for things you need, like groceries or household cleaning items. Doing something just for you is therapeutic, especially if you’re a hardworking giving-type who rarely thinks of his or herself. Slipping on just the right pair of boots, or sitting in that exquisite armchair that becomes a ‘must-have’ for your living room can be an exhilarating experience that ignites excitement and best of all, puts a smile on your face.

 Shopping Can Be a Welcome Distraction

Sometimes we just need a little distraction and shopping can provide a welcome escape. Browsing in and out of shops allows our minds to release and focus on what is directly in front of us. Whether it’s clothing, shoes, furniture or home goods, jewelry, artwork, cosmetics, kitchenware, or even smell good items such as oils and body care products, our sensories are called to attention to see, smell, touch and feel what’s directly in front of us. This provides a welcome distraction from the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives. Oftentimes we ruminate over problems that we’re dealing with, and while shopping won’t make them go away it can allow us to step away from the perpetual thoughts (for a moment) so we can come back to them with a fresh perspective. Who knows, maybe a solution to a particular issue will present itself along the way!

Shopping Can Create Social Connection

Some of us are solitary shoppers, others prefer to have a buddy or two along for the experience. Whatever your shopping style is, shopping does create a social connection that can be energetically therapeutic.

If you’re an independent shopper (preferring to go solo) you’re still interacting with the associates of the store while browsing or during checkout. Solo shoppers tend to drift into their own world, which can be a welcome release in and of itself but there’s still a sense of social interaction that happens around them.

Having a friend or two with you while shopping can be some of the best therapy of all. Having someone there to bounce ideas off of, offer advice, or chat mindlessly, is a great way to spend some free time. For women specifically, ‘girlfriend time’ has been likened to the benefits of physical exercise because it releases the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter, serotonin, which combats depression and creates an overall sense of well-being.

So if you’re feeling a little post-holiday retail therapy, just give in and let the good vibes take over!

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