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Fall Fashion on Cedros Avenue!

Fall has officially arrived! The heat is winding down, overcast mornings are making way, and boots are becoming a norm again. Now you just have to be sure you are up to date on this season’s fashion trends. Fall 2016 has some great looks in store, and we wanted to share our favorite ones with you. Not only will you love these looks, but you will also love that Cedros Avenue happens to be THE place to find the fall wardrobe staples you’re looking for.

Ankle Booties – These definitely create a look that works for everyone, as they work with pretty much any outfit! Open-toed ankle booties are especially making an appearance. However, you can’t go wrong with closed-toed booties either. Both options are a great way to spice up any casual look. Check out Pink Lagoon for some stylish options!

pink lagoon fall booties

Image Credit: Pink Lagoon

walking on cedros avenue

Image Credit: Cedros Soles

Florals – Florals are a big trend this season! A range of pretty flower patterns are showing up on any piece of apparel from shirts and dresses to leggings and even jeans — and we’re not complaining. It’s a great way to add color to a simple look!

Ruffles – Remember when ruffles were your favorite part of clothing when you were young? Well, it’s about time we bring back the fun style this look creates. One or two strips of ruffles can be just enough to accomplish this trendy look.

pink lagoon fall romper

Image Credit: Pink Lagoon

Off-the-shoulder – Everyone’s favorite 70s trend is making a strong comeback. Off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses create a fashionable look while showing off the perfect amount of skin. We especially love this one because it puts a little “party” in any outfit!

Chokers – Yes, the choker is back… but it’s more chic and stylish than ever. How could we not throw this one in the mix? From simple and sleek to stringy and hip, chokers are a great addition to any fall outfit.

Hats – The fall season brings in the best accessory: hats. Whether you’re one to rock floppy hats or flat brimmed hats, the time has come to spruce up your fall outfits with this essential add-on. Cedros Soles has trendy hats and so much more!

cedros soles fall outfit

Image Credit: Cedros Soles

Don’t let the cooler weather hold you back from these great fall trends. It isn’t quite winter yet, so let’s put these looks to use while we can. Take a stroll down Cedros Avenue and see if you can find what you’re looking for this fall! You’re bound to come across the perfect seasonal staple that works just for you. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to try out a new look or trend that you haven’t considered before… it just may become your favorite one!

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