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Discover Antique Holiday Shopping in Solana Beach

Antique Warehouse Cedros Ave

If you love all things antiquated, then add a regular trip the The Antique Warehouse in Solana Beach to your list of antique shops.

From the street their warehouse seems fairly sizable, with ample parking to boot. Then you step inside and take a moment to wonder at the rows upon rows of vintage treasures that would give any antique lover a rush of excitement. From jewelry, to postcards, furniture, paintings, vinyl records, books, kitchen gadgets, pottery, and more than we could ever list here, they’ve got it all.

Antique Warehouse Solana Beach

Antique Warehouse Solana Beach Inside

What we love about The Antique Warehouse is how well merchandised it is. This is what really sets it apart in the antique shopping world. The vendors and dealers who showcase their found treasures take pride in the display of the items they have for sale. This makes it so much easier to shop, because the sea of treasures is vast and easy to get lost in. Their staff is extremely friendly and always willing to help you find what you’re looking for. Another perk, certain vendors often have little sales. All the more reason to add this antique shop to the regular visit list.

But let’s get down to our focus for this blog…holiday shopping! Whether you’re getting ready to shop for the upcoming holidays for old-timey gifts that your loved ones might appreciate, or even hoping to add to your collection of fall and winter holiday decor, The Antique Warehouse will deliver, especially as we get deeper into the coming seasons.

Halloween Ornaments and Perhaps Even a Costume

How could you not love Halloween? And what’s Halloween without a dose of vintage? As time goes on, our memories of this holiday accumulate with days of when…when we were young, when we went trick-or-treating, when we won that costume contest. We look back in time, back to the old and perhaps even the spooky. The Antique Warehouse has started showcasing their Hallowe’en spirit with some fun displays that meld old with the new. The merchandise below can be found toward the back of the warehouse.

Vintage Halloween Deocrations

And don’t forget your Halloween costume! Go vintage for a truly unique flare to your disguise. There are several booths that house a treasure of throwback apparel, from the dapper to a dazzling retro.

Fun Witch Hats

Vintage Clothing Store

Decorate with Vintage Christmas Trimmings

The Antique Warehouse vendors have also started sprinkling in their Christmas accoutrement. Many of these finds truly are intrinsic gems of yesteryear. Aged glass ornaments might be some of our favorites. The colors are still so vibrant but with cracks and imperfections that make you wonder how far they’ve traveled and how many holidays they’ve seen. There are old holiday children’s books, Bing Crosby records, and vintage ceramic trees. All makings of the perfect back in the day holiday!

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree

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