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Celebrate the Love ALL Around You This Valentine’s Day

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It’s hard to believe that we’re a month into 2016! Heading into February, we’re faced with all things pink, red and heart shaped. Yep, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For some, this holiday isn’t their favorite based on the notion that it’s a day celebrated exclusively by couples. Sorry, not sorry…but that’s a bit of an old school notion, don’t you think? We are in the 21st century after all, and traditions are morphing and changing in ways that meld old with the new.

With that in mind, we’re just going to put it out there that we think Valentine’s Day could (and should) be celebrated by everyone because love is all around us. Whether it’s with friend’s, family, and even pets, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated as a special day when we honor the love we’re all so fortunate to have in our lives. We’ll even go so far as to say that perhaps a little self-love is in order if you’re in need of treating yourself to some much-needed pampering, relaxation or a perhaps a little retail therapy. You get the idea!

Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the love that surrounds you:

With Friends

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with friends can make for a cherished memory, and perhaps tradition, for years to come. Whether it be with one close friend, or with a group, the possibilities of ‘what to do’ is endless. If you’re attached and planning an evening with your significant other, you could organize a coffee or lunch date with friends. If you’re not attached, plan a fun night out (or in). Some ideas might be to take in a concert at a local venue with dinner and cocktails beforehand, or plan a shopping day with your favorite girls. If you have a bestie who’s really been there for you this past year, a unique gift from a local boutique might be a nice token to show how appreciative you are of her friendship. We’ll just throw out there that some of the boutiques on Cedros Ave. have some beautiful gifts to choose from for such a purpose. Stroll into Cedros Soles, or The Antique Warehouse and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Once again, though, if you’re attached, it’s still nice to give a loving gift to a friend who means a great deal to you. Especially if they’ve recently become single, this may be a tough time where a little token of love from a friend goes a long way.

With Family

Who loves you more than your family?! These are some of THE best people to celebrate Valentine’s day with. It falls on a Sunday this year, so why not plan a family breakfast at a nearby cafe such as Lockwood Table? If weather permits, you could take a nice walk to your favorite park for some much needed time together. Make sure to take photos! Time together with family is a cherished moment that should be captured. Group family selfies are highly encouraged here. Just sayin!

With Your Pets

The love of a pet is one of the purest we’ll ever experience. Even if you’re attached or have plans with friends on Valentine’s Day, give your pets a little extra love to show your gratitude for the happiness they bring to your life. If you live in North San Diego County, we recommend visiting our friends at Muttropolis to pick up something for your furry family member. Nothing says I love you to the furballs like an extra yummy treat or a new toy.

With YOU

Celebrating YOU is a loving act that we rarely take the time to do. We’re often so busy with work, school and other responsibilities we sometimes forget to stop and celebrate the life we’ve created for ourselves. Even if you’re not in the best place in your life, it’s important to give yourself a little hug now and then to stay in a positive frame of mind. Celebrate all that you are, the lessons you’ve learned, how far you’ve come, what you’ve accomplished and your overall journey. Send a Valentine’s message to yourself – whether it’s one of encouragement or a boost of self-confidence. Choose to do something that makes you truly happy. A walk on the beach. Treating yourself to that perfect purse or necklace you’ve been eyeing. Getting pampered for the day at your favorite salon. Or simply taking some time away from the day-to-day to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a good book.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Will you do any shopping on Cedros Ave. for friends, family or loved ones? Where will you shop? Share your ideas and thoughts with us on our Facebook page!

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