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4 Perks to Shopping on Small Business Saturday

Shoes and clothes on shelves at Cedros Soles in Solana Beach

The biggest shopping weekend of the year is only days/hours away. We’re all familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday where the inventory is sky high and the deals are a plenty. As you know, Cedros Avenue is filled with small, local businesses, so the shopping holiday we like to celebrate is Small Business Saturday. Brought about by American Express, the idea behind Small Business Saturday fares well among those who prefer to shop local and support smaller businesses. This concept has been gaining popularity over the years, and it is one that we’re grateful for.

Here are 4 perks to feel good about when shopping on Small Business Saturday:

1. You’re Supporting Local

While you can certainly shop small local businesses anytime and any day you like, Small Business Saturday brings them to the forefront of people’s minds — reminding them to keep their local shopkeepers top of mind when shopping for the holidays. Local shop owners work extra hard to keep their business open because they’re passionate about it. It’s a given that they wear a lot of hats, and deal with the rollercoastering ups and downs of owning a business. But they’re here, working extra hard and helping to maintain a balance of local shops in your town that is likely filled with a sea of major marketplaces. Supporting local businesses gives most of us the warm fuzzies, as supporting local is something to feel truly good about.

2. Avoid a Mass of Crowds

This is a big one. Shopping malls this weekend, and this season for that matter, will be crowded! The parking lots alone can be a ‘not-so-cheery’ debacle to deal with. Local shops are usually in smaller, less crowded areas. The coastal beach towns in North San Diego County alone have a host of quaint little shops to peruse in addition to Cedros Avenue. Even if the areas are a little more crowded than usual during the holiday season, the local vibe is in the air and strolling about town while shopping can feel nostalgic, and perhaps, more festive.

3. Truly Unique Finds

This one is our favorite reason to shop Small Business Saturday! If you’re looking to find some truly unique gifts, shopping small local businesses is the way to go. Smaller businesses pride themselves on selling items that resonate with their brand in a very specific way, and as such a majority of the items they sell are much more rare than what you might find at a larger retailer. At our very own Leaping Lotus and Solo, you’ll find a majority of their items are in fact one-of-a-kind. The extra thought and care you put into the gifts you give can go a long way with the person you’re giving them to.

4. Potential Amex Benefits

For the record, we’re not writing this post as a plug for American Express, but they are the driving force behind the PR and marketing for Small Business Saturday so there are some potential benefits worth mentioning if you have an Amex card and shop with participating local retailers. If you’re an American Express card holder and would like to know which retailers are participating in Small Business Saturday, you can find that information and more here.

Here’s a list of Cedros Avenue retailers that we know, for certain, are participating in Small Business Saturday:


Jill Courtemanche Millinery

La Femme Chic

There may be others, so be sure to ask the retailer when shopping on Small Business Saturday.

In closing, Cedros Avenue would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We’re so grateful to our local community and to all those that shop with our local retailers — you keep our town of Solana Beach authentic, small, and true to the friendly beach vibe we hope to maintain for many years to come.

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