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4 Home Decor Trends We LOVE for 2016

If you’re a regular Cedros Avenue shopper, you’re aware of the awesome home decor shopping selection we have. There are so many, in fact, it’s hard NOT to shop for a little something new every season to complement your interior space. Home decor is an extension of fashion, and as such, at times you’ll only need a new accessory or two (a new lamp or fabulous rug), or you’ll need an entirely new outfit for a specific room (example: fabulous bedding with a plethora of matching pillows). Hey, there’s nothing wrong with livening up your living space — it’s your sanctuary! With that in mind, we thought it might be fun to share a few of the 2016 Houzz home decorating trends that we found inspiring, and hope you will too.

Formal Dining Room Spaces

Farmhouse Dining Room

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We love that this trend has come back into focus. Formal dining rooms fell by the wayside in recent decades due to the hustle and bustle that is just, life. But in recent years, we’ve finally come full circle back to actually needing to connect with one another, and what better way to do that than around the dinner table? No longer reserved for holidays exclusively, formal dining rooms have finally become a nightly gathering space for many families. But they’ve morphed with the times into being more functional and ideal for regular daily use, such as reclaimed farm tables mixed stylishly with benches and coordinating seating. And if you need some accessories, head on over the Bixby & Ball to outfit your dining abode.


Statement Mirrors…in Bathrooms!

Large mirror in Cokas Diko Solana Beach

Image credit: Cokas Diko

This is such a great usage of framed mirrors. More and more we’re seeing bathrooms that are utilizing beautiful statement mirrors in place of single-paned reflectors that span an entire wall. You can get really creative with this style! We’ve seen everything from large mirrors with bold, antique wood frames, to a mixture of smaller more simplistic mirrors to complement a bathroom space. Love this trend? Cokas Diko and Solo are great places to hunt for statement mirrors.


Outdoor Fabrics Used Indoors

Houzz Image Outdoor Fabric Used Indoor

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How fun and smart is this?! If you have a family that includes animals, this is a fantastic idea. Outdoor fabrics are sturdy and meant to not only withstand outdoor weather conditions but are easy to clean. Both big time bonus points if you have a dog (or 2 or 3) that come bounding about on your couches after a long day at the beach or after a trail run. Whether you’re in need of sturdier fabrics or not, the other bonus to this trend is versatility. Outdoor fabrics present a slightly different feel and also offer bolder patterns and color choices. We’re seeing this trend translate minimally with throw pillows and dining chair seats, but also on a grander level with couches and lounge chairs. So if you see an outdoor pillow you love, keep in mind that it could still be an option to compliment a love seat for a pop of color this spring and summer.


Tech Free Living Rooms

Cokas Diko Furniture in Solana Beach

Image credit: Cokas Diko

Along the lines of the above-mentioned formal dining space trend, is that need to gather face-to-face and connect with one another. Living spaces that omit all technology screens are on the rise (aka no T.V.) and for good reason. Going back to basics, these spaces are meant for good conversation and maybe even family game nights (Scrabble anyone?). The point here is to create a space that allows us to connect with the people in our lives. Even if you’re craving a solitary evening to yourself, what better way to unwind than with a good book, a glass of wine, and some silence? Replacing televisions with artwork or a featured gallery wall of family photos is a trend to get on board with. We need to get back to the basics of human interaction and relationships. And hey, it’s ok if your book is on a tablet device. But turn that mobile phone on silent!

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