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3 Essential Style Charts EVERY Woman Needs!

We’re biting off of a superb idea we stumbled upon when thumbing through our social media feeds…helpful style charts! The original article we came across had a lot more charts to it, so we took our favorites and are sharing them with you today. Check them out!

Brand Sizing Chart: Know Where you FIT In

Ever wonder why you’re a size 6 in one brand but a size 8 in another? It’s this annoying little thing called vanity sizing. But don’t let numbers get you down — you’re beautiful no matter what that little ole tag says! BUT it’s good to have an idea of which brands run smaller or bigger, right? This chart lays out some of the top brands and whether or not you might want to size up or down. Let’s face it, some brands are just made differently and it’s good to have a heads up so you can mentally prepare. And remember, you are always a size Fabulous!

Womens clothing size chart infographic

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Black Leggings…All Day, Every Day!

Black leggings are super comfy, and actually quite versatile. Sometimes a girl wants to keep it comfy and functional. Other times, though, we want comfy to be fancy. I think we’re all good on the comfy ways to wear black leggings, but how about some tips on dressing them up a bit? Here’s a fun chart to showcase how.


10 ways to wear black leggings

Image credit: keably 


Will That Dress Be Too Long or Short?

Ever see a dress or a skirt and wonder if it’ll fit the way it’s intended? Yes, we know that if it’s too long, you can always get it hemmed. But did you know that you have a golden number when it comes to finding the right dress length? Indeed, you do! This infographic is brilliant. A mathematician has determined a fool-proof formula for finding the perfect dress length based on your body length. We’re not so good at explaining math, so we’ll let you see how this equation works out in the graphic below.

Finding the Right Dress Length Graphic

Image credit: Sassy Marmalade

There really were a number of graphics to choose from in the original post we stumbled upon, so if you’re curious, click on this link to take a closer peek.

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