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Makeover on Cedros Avenue

As the new season kicks into gear, the time has come to freshen up your look, treat yourself to some relaxing salon services, and bring out a new you! There is no better place to take a day of pampering than Cedros Avenue. From hair and nails to makeup and other beauty treatments, you can fill your day with a number of options, or you can just pick one or two! A makeover can be subtle or it can be drastic; no matter the intensity, it’ll help you to take on the new season feeling refreshed and confident.

First, we’d like to lay down some reasons as to why a beauty makeover just may be the best thing to kick off the new season:

  1. Feel fresh. Sometimes it’s just nice to spice things up with professional input and tips on how to change up your look for the better — this holds true for makeup and hair enthusiasts as well as those who who are trying it out for the first time!
  2. Get an extra boost of confidence. By no means are we implying that a makeover is what everyone needs to feel their absolute best, but we strongly believe it contributes to having a little extra confidence no matter who you are.
  3. Enjoy some “you time.” Maybe a day to yourself is way overdue — why not fill it with pampering and relaxation? A makeover can be your excuse to make this happen!

Here are some of our favorite beauty treatments offered here on Cedros Avenue!



Image Credit: Do’s & Lipstick

Fun With Makeup

A little help with makeup in person can make the difference when it comes to makeovers! Beauty experts at Do’s & Lipstick here on Cedros are always happy to share their advice on bringing out a unique look with makeup! Not only do they provide advice on makeup application and products, but they also offer lessons and can do your makeup for you!



Image Credit: Sky Nails & Spa

Fresh Nails, Fresh You

Take a seat, relax, forget about any unnecessary worries that may be stressing you out, and let the nail pros do their thing. Clean up your nails with a plain and healthy look or spruce them up with a color that goes with the fall season. Either way, getting a little nail work done is a nice treat for anyone. If you’re looking to get the most out of the visit, go for both a manicure and a pedicure! Sky Nails & Spa on Cedros is the perfect relaxing spot for this makeover service.

Great Hair, Don’t Care

I think most will admit that having someone massage your scalp and do your hair can easily be one of the best feelings in the world. What some people don’t fully realize, however, is that the simplest change in hair style can incredibly transform the way you look — and result in an even greater feeling. Between styling, coloring, cuts, and treatments, hair experts at Do’s & Lipstick and other salons on Cedros are there to help you find a transformative switch-up to your hair that will bring out the best in you! They may even have some great ideas you wouldn’t have considered on your own.

Between Do’s & Lipstick, Sky Nails & Spa, and the number of other pampering options on Cedros, you’ll be in good hands throughout your makeover day. Not only will you discover a fun new change that complements your personal style, but you will also realize the amazing sense of pure relaxation and satisfaction from beauty treatments. And remember: The start of fall is a great time to bring out a new you!

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