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Why Cedros Avenue is the Perfect Date Night Pick!

If you’re in charge of organizing a fun and exciting date outing, we are here to send you in the right direction! It doesn’t get much better than having a variety of activities on one street — which is why you can’t go wrong on Cedros Avenue. So whether you’re wondering what to do for a first date, planning the weekly date night with your spouse, or bringing the girls or guys together for some bonding, we’ve laid out some great ideas to help you out.
The best part is that Cedros has you covered all day — so don’t worry about having to commit to a date night if you would rather have some midday fun instead. A number of these options  can be combined in different ways in creating your perfect date!


When it comes down to it, most can agree that getting together around our favorite beverages is one of the easiest options for a date or time with friends. On Cedros, both Culture Brewing Co. and Carruth Cellars provide a cool and casual environment, which is just what you’ll want with a pint of beer or a glass of wine and great conversation. Not to mention, the tasting rooms are perfect options during the day or at night!

If meeting over a cup of coffee is more down your alley, Lofty Coffee is a hip and popular coffee spot with tasty beverages and food. For those of you planning to have your outing during the morning or afternoon, mingling over an iced tea or a cafe americano is a nice way to go.


Brunch and lunch planners will find some incredibly tasty breakfast and lunch options at Lockwood Table Cafe. From baked egg souffles to specialty sandwiches to choose from, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is the silence that may occur once the food comes out! Wild Note Cafe is another lunch option as well as the perfect spot to eat before a Belly Up show — you can even walk through back doors that will take you right into the venue.



One of the most well-known and popular sources of entertainment in Solana Beach is the Belly Up Tavern on our very own Cedros Ave. Keep an eye on their schedule of performers as you plan your date nights because a great show can be the main event for your perfect night.

Cedros also offers some incredible art and photography galleries for admirers and enthusiasts alike. Since these options aren’t open later at night, they are perfect entertainment for before a dinner reservation, a show at the Belly Up, or before catching the sunset on the beach.


After grabbing a bite to eat or something to drink, walking around the shops of Cedros is another source of entertainment in itself. Even if you don’t plan on big spending, simply walking through the unique stores and boutiques can provide for some fun with a significant other or a group of friends.

It’s safe to say that you’ll find something to please everyone on Cedros! Now all you have to do is pick and choose your favorite Cedros activities to combine for the perfect date or outing with friends. If there are just too many options and varieties to choose from, keep some ideas for your next time out! Here are a few of our favorite date combos:

  • Brunch at Lockwood Table Cafe or Lofty Coffee, shopping for unique finds, wine tasting at Carruth
  • Lunch at Wild Note Cafe, wandering through art and photography galleries, watching the sunset at the beach
  • Late evening beers at Culture before seeing a Belly Up show

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The Cedros Ave. Merchants Association supports all of the vendors and businesses on Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach. The Avenue covers two and a half enchanting blocks of more than 85 boutiques, shops, cafes, salons, day spas, art galleries and more! Located just 20 miles north of downtown San Diego, Cedros Ave. has been a point of interest for over three decades and is the only shopping district in San Diego solely populated by independent boutiques and businesses.