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Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

The holiday season has officially arrived, and gift shopping crunch-time will be upon us before we know it. Most agree that finding the right gift for a lady can be a challenge — but we can’t forget that thought and effort truly go a long way. After all, you know your beloved lady best, so trust your gut and her appreciation will shine brightly. Whether you’ve got something in mind or you’re on the lookout for some holiday shopping inspiration, these great gift ideas will guide you towards making a purchase you and your special lady will be very happy about.

For the Fashionista

You may argue that fashion is not your forte, but a little research in this area won’t hurt. Find out if there’s a trending new piece of apparel or jewelry that you know would fit in with your lady’s wardrobe. If she ever points out an item she especially adores, take note! Ultimately, you’ll be surprised with how easily you’ll notice when an accessory or clothing item screams her name. Cedros spots for the fashionista: Jill Courtemanche Millinery and Visions of gold

wade-koniakowsky-pieceFor the Artist

There are a few directions you can go when finding the perfect gift for an artist. These options may also work well for an art enthusiast or collector. Those who appreciate any type of masterpiece would love a personalized piece that will look nice in their home. If you want to share an experience instead, consider buying tickets to a local gallery. If your lady loves to create her own work, provide frames that will bring her art to life.

Cedros spots for the artist: Koniakowsky Ocean Art and Solana Beach Art and Frame

For the Beauty Expert

It’s pretty easy to know whether or not your special lady is a beauty aficionado. If that’s who you’re working with, you may want to visit a local beauty shop to get some expertise on the latest must-haves in that department. Another great option is to purchase a salon package to her favorite place of pampering where she can have a relaxing day to herself. If you’re really on top of things, you may already have an idea of what she has been wanting on her makeup counter, which will make the gift shopping a little easier.

Cedros spots for the beauty expert: Alexis K and Honey Comb Salon

kitchen-wear-and-giftsFor the Cook

Most may agree that both aspiring and professional cooks can always add something to their kitchen. Maybe they’ve been needing to replace a few cooking essentials or are hoping to score a new and improved version of their most frequently used cookware. All cooks will appreciate a personalized or unique cookbook for inspiration. Maybe your cook loves a good wine pairing. If you know their favorite pairings, provide their desired beverages.

Cedros spots for the cook: Brick Lane

For the Outdoorsy Type

There are so many nifty goods out there that travelers and outdoorsy individuals would love to receive as a gift. Try to find an essential piece of equipment for their type of adventure or accessories and clothing items they’ve been dying to add to their travel pack. Outerwear, footwear, water containers and camping gear are all great options for your outdoor enthusiast.

Cedros spots for the traveler: A16

beachy-home-decorFor the Home Designer

Picking a piece of furniture or decor for a lady who loves designing her home may be tough. However, with the right approach, you won’t disappoint. By sticking to small accent pieces that you know fit her taste and style, your gift won’t risk the chance of being too bold.

Cedros spots for the home designer: Sea Breeze Mercantile and Solo

Keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with asking for simple hints on what your loved one may be hoping for this holiday season. Just be sure to leave room for an element of surprise! It’s also not a bad idea to consider adding a stocking stuffer or two. Gift cards or small pieces of jewelry in her stocking can be a nice addition to whatever else you have wrapped up and under the tree.

Cedros Avenue is the perfect shopping street for the season of gift-giving. The shops mentioned above are only a few of the best local holiday shopping picks from the design district. Stroll down the street to find out what individual stores may have to offer for the holiday season. You may stumble across some great deals and packages that you can’t pass up when shopping for your loved ones.

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