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7 Benefits of Having a Small Town Iconic Avenue


Exploring an iconic or main street within a small city is easily one of the most exciting things. You never know what you may come across, and you will likely discover a number different activities that will please pretty much anyone. The best part? The excitement is all along a single avenue. Such streets are typically identifiable by crowds, research, or simply aesthetics!  The perfect balance of looks and functionality brings just enough character to any small town.

So, what is it about having an iconic street that is so valuable? Take a look at these seven benefits coming from the perspective of Cedros Design District:

1 — Heart and Soul: This is essential in any town. However, main streets help bring it to life with a community atmosphere front and center. There is no better spot to discover the heart and soul of a community than an iconic street where both locals and visitors are drawn together enjoying the same activities and hidden treasures.

2 — Supports Local Businesses: Mom and pop businesses need some loving and opportunity, and that’s exactly what a main small town street does. What’s an iconic street without some locally owned shops after all? Whether it’s for local artists or family owned cafes, main streets are a way to support hometown businesses while creating an opportunity for continual business growth. From antique shops to health and beauty services, most businesses found on Cedros are owned by locals who care about the Solana Beach community just as much as their patrons do.

3 — Pleases Everyone: If you find yourself strolling along an iconic avenue, you’re sure to come across something offered for all interests. Between entertainment, shops, dining, and nightlife, different individuals with varying tastes are bound to enjoy their time along the stretch of blocks. With the numerous activities available, not many individuals will be disappointed when spending a day on Cedros Avenue.

4 — Brings Visitors: When there is a well-known street in a small town, it is usually a go-to visitors’ spot for a day of shopping or wandering around. During certain times of the year, visitors and tourists may even make up the majority of the crowd, which is, of course, great for local economies. On the other hand, locals are often very willing to spend time showing it off to their very own visitors as well.

5 — Inviting Pedestrian Environment: Encouraging walking within a community is extremely healthy and inspiring. In providing the ease of walking from one business or shop to the next, people are more willing to spend more time in one area. This is especially inspired because of inviting spaces to spend more time in such as tasting rooms, art galleries, and cafes. It’s hard not to spend hours on Cedros with its numerous and diverse inviting spots including Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery, Lockwood Table Cafe and many more.

6 — Event Hosting: Small town main streets are a great place to host local events, celebrations, and seasonal gigs. An especially popular event regularly held in such areas is a farmers market — further supporting local business. Iconic streets also tend to have a range of event venues for different local happenings. Here on Cedros, Culture Brewing Co and Carruth Cellars are two of our various event venues for both private and public events.

7 — Historical Value: Whether it is a single attraction that holds all the historical value or the entire stretch, small town iconic streets often provide some incredible, authentic stories to the community. Visitors are bound to come across historical value even if they may not be looking for it. On Cedros Avenue, one of our favorite historical spots is the BellyUp Tavern — established in 1974, this music venue is a hotspot for historical significance in the city of Solana Beach.

What do you especially love about main streets or iconic avenues like Cedros? Share them with us on our Facebook page! If you have a favorite street, feel free to share that as well!

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The Cedros Ave. Merchants Association supports all of the vendors and businesses on Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach. The Avenue covers two and a half enchanting blocks of more than 85 boutiques, shops, cafes, salons, day spas, art galleries and more! Located just 20 miles north of downtown San Diego, Cedros Ave. has been a point of interest for over three decades and is the only shopping district in San Diego solely populated by independent boutiques and businesses.