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2 Little Secrets About Our Local Coffee Shops on Cedros

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This one is for persnickety coffee lovers who live in the land of FOMO. There are some little-known secrets about the coffee shops here on Cedros that we’re going to share with you. Solana Beach may be a small community, but the vibe allures visitors and residents with a truly unique charisma and our coffee shops are, indeed, a part of the local charm. We touched base on our cafes a few weeks ago, but now we want to dive a little deeper. Two of our coffee shops offer some tasty secret options that make them stand out and we’re sharing them with you.

UPDATE TO THIS BLOG: Orange Blossom has unfortunately closed since we posted this, but Lofty Coffee Co. is still open and another wonderful spot to visit for coffee is Lockwood Table located at 346-B South Cedros Avenue – they have coffee with alternative milk’s AND some delicious signature bubbly beverages to go with your meal. For more info on them check out this blog.

Lofty Coffee Co.: Housemade Nut Milk or Small-Farm Produced Cow’s Milk

Lofty Coffee Co. is our newest coffee shop and local hot spot draw — and for good reason. They offer one of the most artfully crafted cups of coffee in town. Whether you drink it black or whipped up as a latte or mocha, the flavor profile of their coffee is truly something special. Even the boldest of blends is balanced and never tastes burnt, which is a common complaint among coffee aficionados. Their lattes are in a word, heavenly. The secret is in the pureness of their milk. For regular milk drinkers, you’re certain to get organic milk from the finest of resources. They only use organic small farm-produced milk from Northern California. Lofty also offers almond and hazelnut milk for their lattes and mochas — but there’s more — their nut milk’s are housemade! And while almond milk has become a staple among coffee drinkers who prefer a dairy-free latte or mocha, hazelnut milk is not a common (coffee house) menu offering. Both are beyond delicious and, perhaps, even a little decadent. The richness of these nut milk’s comes thru with every sip. While you’ll pay a little more than mainstream competitors, it’s worth it.

Orange Blossom: Flavor Roasted Beans 

Ever had a blueberry or orange espresso? Wait, what?! Our own little Orange Blossom Cafe offers some tasty fair with their crepes and omelets, but a little-known secret about their coffee is that their flavored coffees aren’t flavored with syrup — the coffee beans themselves are specially roasted with an infusion of delectable flavor. Flavor options include vanilla, cinnamon, orange, hazelnut, highlander grog, blueberry, and chocolate. This opens up a whole new world to coffee drinkers. While many coffees present flavor notes in their profiles, these flavored beans make sure the notes are prominent and forward. So whether you drink your coffee black, as a latte, or a mocha, this makes your options so much more intriguing and interesting. It’s also a nice alternative for those who want to forgo the calories that come with syrups or other specialty coffee drinks. You can drink it black, but with a simple pop of flavor. The Blueberry Mocha is a local favorite and a must try.

These secrets were worth sharing and we hope you’ll spread the word and give them a try… if you haven’t already.

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