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PLUTA Movement Therapeutics

Physical and Yoga Therapy using a unique and proven process of treating the cause not just your symptoms.

The natural state of the human body is one of symmetry and balance. Through human development, trauma, stress, work and recreation, our bodies move away from this natural symmetry causing PAIN.

- Comprehensive Evaluation: Besides a thorough medical, emotional and injury history, the evaluation includes a photographic postural, muscular, and structural assessment of the entire body by a licensed PLUTA Movementâ„¢ trained Physical Therapist.

- Customized Treatment Plan: The results of the comprehensive evaluation are reported back to the client in the first session.

- Individual Treatment Sessions: Include one on one manual treatment techniques such as myofascial release, muscle- energy, awareness through movement, joint mobilization, somato-emotional release, yoga therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, neuro- developmental training, active release "ART," breathwork and others.

- Class Sessions: Yoga classes are available for those clients who have received and excelled in their individual treatment plan but still need guidance and progression through their quest towards health and balance.

- Gym Recommendations: A customized gym program is available for those who have progressed to resistance and aerobic training.

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